Health Benefit Fairs

CHI offers a variety of thematic health benefit fairs that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Some topics include General Health, Gender Specific, Sports/Fitness, De-stress/Massage, Spa Services and More!

Health Benefit Fairs

Health Benefit Fairs

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Health Benefit Fairs -Stress Mini-Modular

Includes an education theme focusing on stress and its impact physically and emotionally on employee health and well- being. Community resources are available to educate employees on various ways to modulate stress through meditation, relaxation techniques, proper nutrition, sleep improvement, exercise and more.

Health Wellness & Vitality

This program is broad based offering educational resources on ways to optimize one’s health while restoring energy and vitality in everyday life. Some topics include the importance of regular checkups, education on cardiovascular and diabetes prevention, healthy diet, and the benefits of exercise, stress management, ways to improve work-life balance, stress management and more.


The educational focus of this program is on the various community resources that are available to complement one’s regular healthcare. Increasingly the restorative features of a wide variety of holistic modalities are demonstrating a potent and important impact on improving health and wellness outcomes. This event can be customized to include education on many natural options available from holistic coaching, nutritional guidance, energy work, homeopathy and more.

Gender Specific
This program can be customized to include an educational focus on both women’s and Men’s health featuring topics including: Breast, Ovarian, Prostate, Testicular and other gender related Cancer Prevention, the unique nutritional needs of women vs men, Osteoporosis prevention and more.
Sports and Health
Range of Motion , Chair Massage, Sports Injury Prevention, Athletic Shoe Selection, Body Fat, Training Tips, Tennis Display, Putting Green, Skin Care and Lyme Information