Physical Stress and Pain Management

CHI’s physical medicine and chiropractic physicians will educate employees on the physical manifestations of stress, including repetitive strain related problems such as lower back pain, shoulder and cervical pain, and migraine headaches. Our specialists often recommend prophylactic interventions to help attenuate symptoms. These may include exercise regimens targeted for specific muscle groups that are designed to ease tension while building strength and flexibility in the effected areas. Important nutritional and hydration principles will also be discussed to help repair nerves and aid in reducing inflammation.

Chair Massage

Employees will have an opportunity to experience a brief, five-minute chair massage as conducted by our certified massage therapists. Because physical stress – from neck and shoulder stiffness to lower back pain – is so endemic at the workplace, any easing of muscle tension is very much appreciated. Our therapists will work out the knots and tightness that distract workers from performing at their best. At the end of every session, each employee will be told about those areas that most needed attention. This is always one of the most popular stations at our Health Fairs!

Podiatry and Sports Injury Prevention

Our podiatrists will conduct brief consultations and confidential foot examinations to explore any issues of concern. Consults often include discussions about the structural integrity of the foot, as well as general questions about skin and nail care, and how best to optimize foot health and mitigate pain. Strategies for dealing with, or avoiding, various athletic injuries to the foot, heel, and ankle, the appropriateness of orthotics, and what shoes and running gear best match a person’s foot structure, are often covered.


Employees will have an opportunity to speak with a nutritionist regarding important ways of improving their diet. A special focus will be on stress and its impact on the body, and how, through good nutrition, food supplements, enzymes, and herbs, employees can safely insulate their body against some of the most damaging effects of stress.

Body Fat

Body Fat measures the muscle to fat ratio throughout the body and gives us an excellent way to assess fitness. Using a hand-held unit, this ratio can be assessed in just a few minutes.


The foundation of this Asian therapeutic art is its blueprint of energy maps and their correlation to organs and regions of the human body. In the gentle hands of CHI’s highly trained certified reflexologists, soothing manipulation and massage of appropriate meridian endpoints in the feet (and occasionally the hands and ears) is designed to promote healing throughout the body by releasing energy blockages and re-equilibrating vital energy pathways. During each session, our practitioner will explain what reflexology is designed to do. Educational and very relaxing!

Herbal Medicine

Learn about the vast array of herbs and natural plant substances that have been used around the world for centuries as remedies for aches and pains and illness. The latest cutting-edge research into the efficacy of herbal medicine and homeopathy will be discussed. Topics will include the importance of standardization, the need for sefety when using these substances, and, when appropriate, how to choose teas, tinctures, tablets, or capsules.


Applied Kinesiology is a form of chiropractic care that associates muscles with specific organs. By identifying and treating weakened muscles, applied kinesiology addresses problems in corresponding organs and glands. Simple muscle strength tests are used whereby light pressure is applied to particular muscle areas while the subject is asked to resist. Underlying weakness can then be correlated with certain systems in the body. Interesting and interactive!


This ancient Chinese medicine evaluates the body’s energy or “qi”, which flows in conduits throughout the body. The Chinese have long understood that when these meridian channels are blocked, energy becomes unbalanced and degenerative conditions or pain states can ensue. Acupuncturists use hair-thin needles at specific meridian points to open energy channels, restore balance, and allow the body’s own innate intelligence to promote healing. At the Health Fair, CHI’s licensed acupuncturists will explain the use of acupuncture for pain management and in the treatment of stress and other maladies. Only if requested will acupuncturists do brief demonstrations on themselves or employees to demystify how acupuncture works. No treatment will be rendered onsite.


Meditation is an ancient form of stress management which may include the use of sitting posture, mantras, observation, and controlled breathing while allowing thoughts to emerge without becoming engaged with them. Through deep relaxation, meditation heals the body, quiets the mind and provides a profound sense of calming balance. Class is didactic and experiential as subjects will be taken through meditation induction.


Through this fun and interactive program, employees can participate in mini “yoga-in-your-chair” throughout the health fair where they learn relaxation and stretching techniques that can be applied at the work station or at home.


The ancients have used this therapeutic form of healing to assist with balancing and nourishing the body to optimize health. Participants will learn about the health aspects of certain essential oils and be able to smell them for their energizing effects.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is quickly moving in the forefront of modern medicine today. With its recognition of subtle energy fields that exist throughout the body, energy medicine specialists balance these energy fields to restore bodily and endocrine functions. Participants may experience gentle energy balancing sessions with a specialist, resulting in deep relaxation and concomitant heightened awareness.