Sports & Health

Range of Motion

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Chair Massage

Employees will have an opportunity to experience a brief, five-minute chair massage as conducted by our certified massage therapists. Because physical stress – from neck and shoulder stiffness to lower back pain – is so endemic at the workplace, any easing of muscle tension is very much appreciated. Our therapists will work out the knots and tightness that distract workers from performing at their best. At the end of every session, each employee will be told about those areas that most needed attention. This is always one of the most popular stations at our Health Fairs!

Podiatry and Sports Injury Prevention

Our podiatrists will conduct brief consultations and confidential foot examinations to explore any issues of concern. Consults often include discussions about the structural integrity of the foot, as well as general questions about skin and nail care, and how best to optimize foot health and mitigate pain. Strategies for dealing with, or avoiding, various athletic injuries to the foot, heel, and ankle, the appropriateness of orthotics, and what shoes and running gear best match a person’s foot structure, are often covered.

Athletic Shoe Selection

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Body Fat

Body Fat measures the muscle to fat ratio throughout the body and gives us an excellent way to assess fitness. Using a hand-held unit, this ratio can be assessed in just a few minutes.

Training Tips

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Tennis Display

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Putting Green

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Skin Care and Lyme Information

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