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Health Education Paths to Wellness Series:

CHI has developed a unique wellness program  series to help you  to stabilize your company population’s  health risks while promoting a culture of health awareness.  Our “Path to Wellness Series”  can be done in conjunction with an HRA, (Health Risk Assessment) which will better enable us to assess company  health risk, or  be implemented separately. We offer a structured  educational program  which can be  customized to meet specific goals.  The Paths To Wellness  Program can be done on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis depending on the needs of your employees. We recommend the bi-monthly  approach as wellness goals are cumulative and this expedites the time an employee can integrate a number of wellness concepts into an overall wellness lifestyle. Our goal is to present  factual information to your employees  while working in partnership with your organization to develop a wellness program that works best for your population. Based on the “hot buttons” we can develop a series of lunch and learn seminars covering specific topics including but not limited to:

  • Know Your Numbers: Why Preventative Screenings is important and what do the numbers mean?
  • How do I become Physically Active ( NOTE: a CHI Pedometer  program can be integrated into the program at a very low cost to build group cohesion and support. This is highly recommended.
  • Nutrition Made Simple
  • Preventing Heart Disease and Diabetes
  • Achieving a Healthy Weight
  • Mind Body Medicine: “How Your Thoughts Influence Your Health”
  • Stress Management/Anger/Anxiety Management
  • How can I Partner With My Doctor?

An integral part of the program involves  assisting participants in setting “achievable” health goals that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Our health instructors will assist employees in setting those cumulative goals and health logs can be filled out on a weekly basis to assess over-all individual progress.   The group  can assist each member in achieving their goals  and for more  group cohesion, the logs can serve as a documented comparison from which to base fun incentive and reward programs in the spirit of healthy competition.

Participants are encouraged to form Health “Buddies” within the group or with a close family member who can encourage them along the way.  In addition, for an added FEE companies can select a Coaching Option.

Alternative to the Paths to Wellness Series

Companies  on a more restricted budget or who wish to customize their own approach to wellness are free to create a program that suits them by selecting seminars from our large listing of offerings below. This option works well for clients who do not wish to purchase the entire PATH TO WELLNESS SERIES, but would rather select some topics from that curricula and blend in other topics below. For individual blurbs on each seminar of interest, contact CHI directly at 212/673-1700. Be sure to ask about which seminars are FREE as CHI is pleased to offer some “VALUE ADDED” talks to our clients. Additionally, some blurbs can also be found on our Lunch & Learn”  section.

  • Eating for Energy
  • Stress and Good Nutrition
  • Sugar Addiction: What to do with Cravings
  • Neighborhood Lunch Tour
  • Diets Don’t Work/Sustainable Weight Management
  • Eating Disorders: How to spot them and prevent them
  • Healthy Cooking Class
  • Eating on the Go: One pot meals, healthy snacking, nutrient rich desserts
  • Understanding Good/Bad Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Stress Management 101 * Anger Management * Improving Communication
  • Meditation  and/or Hypnosis
  • Understanding Depression
  • Dental Health and New Approaches for Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening
  • Repetitive Strain Injury: Prevention Ergonomics: Stay Fit While You Sit
  • Preventing Back Pain
  • Preventing Carpal Tunnel
  • Healthy Heart: Understanding the risks and Prevention
  • Diabetes: Understanding the Risks and Prevention (Include Weight Management/Obesity Prevention Tips
  • Health Checkups/Immunizations: What does the Surgeon General recommend and Why
  • Getting Fit: Starting and Maintaining the exercise program that’s right for you
  • Self Defense
  • Feng Shui


Pedometer program. (Ask about our 10,000 steps program and how to implement it in your company.)

De-Stress Massage Mini  Modular Program

On-Site Chair Massage

Monthly National Health Observances Program



For more information on developing a wellness program for your company contact

NANCY THORNE at 212-673-1700