Health Risk Assessment

HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT (HRA) Consulting Program with Health Fair


HRA Education Consulting

CHI understands that the hallmark of a comprehensive wellness program includes the ability to assess the overall health risks within your employee population, allowing us to assist you in developing educational programs to attenuate those risks while supporting the health of your employees.

To that end CHI’s wellness consulting services can assist you in designing a wellness program and in locating the best resources to provide Health Risk Assessment Program to meet your needs. This program can be added to an existing employee health fair.


How  the program works:

A well designed wellness program  typically has three components:

Stage one (Gather  baseline information): Health Risk Assessment of the population should be done to gather the aggregate health your  population.

Stage two (Health Education Intervention): Implementing Health Education programs to  address those risks and improve the health of your employees.

Stage three (Gather Post  Program data): Reassess your population to evaluate the efficacy of the program in attenuating health risks.