Lunch Seminars

Lunch Seminars

Corporate Health provides many interesting Lunch Seminars for employee enjoyment and education.

Lunch and Learn Seminars


Corporate Health Initiatives has an extensive roster of accomplished lecturers and practitioners throughout the U.S. We’ve put together a wonderful menu of FUN, INTERACTIVE, healthy programs and services your employees will enjoy and long remember. Some are experiential and require employee participation at a specific site. Most, however, can be offered as either Lunch-and-Learns at one location or as WEBINARS that can be offered to as many as 1,000 employees at multiple site. Lunch and Learn Seminars  run from  $325-400 unless otherwise indicated.

Discounts are available for multiple classes. Webinars begin at $700 and are 30-45 minute presentations followed by a 15-minute Q&A. On-site events can be catered with delicious and nutritious foods and snacks. (Ask for a separate quote.)

Nutrition –

Holistic Nutrition Healthy Cooking

Confused about what food is good for weight loss, energy or as a prophylaxis for certain diseases? This seminar is a good way to learn the basics of holistic nutrition, such as how to read food labels, understanding trans fats, knowing how much fiber and protein you need and learning about antioxidants. Find out how to get more energy and feel better through natural foods.

Holistic Nutrition 201    

Already versed in nutrition? Would you like to learn more about such practices as chiropractic, acid/alkaline balance, detoxification and Chinese/Ayurvedic principles? This workshop touches upon on various nutritional theories, the truth on “super foods” and using food to heal. A great program to  improve health, maintain a healthy weight and increase energy.

Eating for Energy!

Are you so tired at 4pm you don’t know how you can make it through the rest of the day? Most people experience fatigue during the course of the day and cope with it by consuming caffeine or sugar. What would your life be like if you had an abundance of energy and vitality? What foods decrease or increase our energy? We will discuss how to create a diet that works for you and gives you the energy you need. Learn ways to give you vitality and fulfillment. Included will be a food tasting to show you the many choices you have for feeling better and more productive.

“But I Don’t Have Time to Eat Healthy!”

You are what you eat. You don’t have the time NOT to eat a healthy diet. Learn ways to conveniently incorporate healthy eating into your life. Learn to cook once and eat twice or more.  There will be a food tasting of healthy on-the-go snacks, recipe ideas and valuable information that will help you toward your wellness goals. With planning and knowledge you will feel and look better and live the life you truly desire!

Healthy Cooking :Monthly  cafeteria presentation @ $375 per session with discount for multiple sessions.. This  is a mini cooking demo that highlights a couple of fast simple and tasty meals employees can make quickly and without breaking the bank. The focus is to present nutrient dense  meals and  low glycemic snack preparations , ( anti-diabetes) that are  food alternatives  along with cooking techniques that leave people satisfied and healthy! Companies offer this on a regular  basis IN THE CAFETERIA!  What’s nice is that they do the presentations on a specific day of the month, so staff “tunes in” and the presentation is done at the entry to the cafeteria. What’s more, they hand out tasty samples to engage employees. This can be done monthly, quarterly or 2X a year..  The idea is to engage  employees in a fun , informative and friendly discussion on healthy, cost effective, clean eating!  The nice thing about it   is that by default, many employees actually get to speak with the nutrition specialist so it almost becomes a coaching session wrapped up in a “Food Network” type presentation.

Super Smoothie Preparation Class:

This is a great opportunity for employees to learn about delicious and nutritious smoothies that can be made  for a person on the GO!!   Many great ideas for clean, healthy eating will be discussed as staff watch creative and fun demos and get to sample some of the  options.  Nut butter smoothies, cold fresh spring fruit smoothies, Holiday Pumpkin & Eggnog Smoothies, Mango chutney smoothies and much more!  Important information on how to effectively fortify the body to improve vitality while also preventing inflammation and other health concerns will also be addressed.

Healthy Cold Cooking Class: 

This class teaches employees healthy ways to prepare nutrient dense, high energy foods that give you a boost, especially when you’re on the go and being active this season. Foods are lite and low glycemic foods that promote health and vitality. The consultant will prepare 3 different things such as a nutritious smoothie for breakfast with tasty nut butters or other proteins, an avocado chocolate pudding or other dessert and different snacks that give you the energy you need for an active fit life!  These options also keep you lean and trim just in time for the active season! Employees get to observe the process and sample the creations. This cooking class will teach you how to make fun, simple, foods whole family will enjoy this spring

Sugar Blues – Deconstructing Cravings

Are you sick and tired of ruining your day because of junk food binges? By attending this workshop you will understand the pros and cons of various types of sugar and artificial sweeteners. You’ll also learn how to strengthen your immune system and help your body develop a better response to stress. Most of all you’ll learn why you get cravings and how to overcome them. A must attend workshop for chocolate lovers and diet soda drinkers!

Preventative Nutrition

Many adults suffer from adult onset diseases or are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Stress and poor diet are key factors. Understanding nutrition is imperative in helping prevent many maladies. This workshop discusses how to manage stress, anxiety and common unhealthy habits. An excellent workshop for those who routinely depend on caffeine, alcohol and sugar to get themselves through the day.

Staying Healthy on a Budget

Everyone wants to eat better but food costs can make this difficult. This seminar discusses how to shop and cook healthy foods on a tight budget. It includes a discussion of how to save money and still ensure nutritional density. As a benefit, learn how buying better quality food will enhance health and energy. Handouts of healthy inexpensive foods and easy-to-make recipes are included.

Lighten Up for Summertime

Changing your diet from Winter to Summer is important for health and weight loss. Summer is one of the best times to work on weight loss and getting healthier. This seminar discusses the transition to summer foods, detoxification and learning what foods are best to eat to lose weight.

Family Nutritional Makeover

Will help parents make slow but lasting changes. Learn about nutritional labels, how to go grocery shopping, and understand the principals of better nutrition.


Yoga in Your Chair

Participants learn helpful stretching techniques and yoga postures to reduce stress and ease tensions. The class is experiential and incorporates other relaxation techniques such as deep breathing. Participants can wear loose fitting clothing. All exercises are done in a chair so they can repeat the techniques at their workstation.

Weight Management : Diets Don’t Work!

Would you like to feel better achieve your ideal body weight? For every diet there’s an equal and opposite binge. Many people live either on or off a diet. Learn how to nourish yourself and incorporate lifestyle changes that will change your relationship with food. There are so many diets–Low Carb, No Carb, Low Fat, and No Fat. No wonder everyone is confused about what to eat. Learn how to deconstruct your cravings and binges and find what works for your body. Learn the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates and how they work. Also learn about low glycemic foods designed to burn steadily while providing energy and nutrients to the body without putting on the extra pounds. Participants will learn the truth about how to steadily reduce excess weight and keep the weight off for good. They will learn why the body stores excess fat and ways to eat more nutrient dense foods that allow the body to burn off excess fat while maintaining a healthy body constitution.


Meditation and Stress

This program shows participants new ways to modulate stress through a growing awareness of how to be more present and less reactive. Stress is often associated with the messages we tell ourselves, such as inadequate ways to deal with conflict. This program seeks to teach participants ways to stay more centered by introducing the skills of quieting the mind. By learning to focus calmly, solutions frequently “appear.” The class is partially didactic but primarily experiential. It will teach beginners as well as more advanced students the art of meditation. Participants will go through a nourishing meditative experience and hone new skills they can use regularly.

Meditative Mindfulness Cooking Class (1- 1.5hrs) $475 per class (Includes cost of food. Choose 1 class or build a series of 4 sessions)

Throughout this class participants will not only learn the art of cooking a delicious, nutrient dense meal, but they will also learn the art of cooking as meditation. The process of cooking will be refined into simple steps that are guided by the notion of “presence.”  Focused presence implies that during each step of the process, one is fully  aware of what they are doing , opening up all facets of their senses in the process including  the awareness of distinct and wonderful aromas,  delectable tastes of food, the color and beauty of natural “living” food, as well as the sounds of bubbling, or simmering treats.  The goal is to feel rejuvenated and nourishing content after the process.  The Joy of cooking will be realized. Blood pressure will drop.  This can be one class or a continued series of monthly classes covering topics as varied as:

 Heart Disease and Diabetes Prevention –

Cardiovascular Health:

Good Cholesterol? Bad Cholesterol? Triglycerides?  What does it all mean and how can I best reduce bad cholesterol and stay healthy? Throughout this class, participants will learn about ways they can support a healthy heart through, diet, exercise, stress management and more. They will learn about the deeper dangers of high carbohydrate diets associate with the S.A.D  (Standard American Diet), and ways to” rethink” how to eat healthily with delicious and nutritious smart food choices.

Diabetes Risk Prevention:

Diabetes has become an epidemic in many parts of the world and America is no exception. Why has this happened and what can we do today to prevent this condition? During this lecture, participants will learn what causes Diabetes and how it relates to continuously elevated glucose levels. They will also learn that through proper nutrition and lifestyle adaptations, they can prevent and even reverse the damaging trend towards diabetes before its too late.

Eating in Healthy ways to Prevent Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes and its closely associated Cardiovascular Disease have reached epidemic proportions in our society.  A lot of this is related to poor diets and lack of physical activity.

Much of the food supply is comprised of processed foods, particularly refined carbohydrates which often have adverse effects on the body resulting in weight gain, and other inflammatory conditions such as Diabetes and Heart Disease. This class is designed to help participants navigate through and better understand healthier food choices to nourish the body and prevent unwanted consequences. The class will focus on how to choose nutrient dense, low glysemic Smart food choices and how to best incorporate in meals or foods the family will enjoy and benefit from.  Points on how to increase more physical activity into your routine will also be addressed in the quest for developing a healthier lifestyle.

Other Programs:

 Financial Health : This seminar is designed to provide information helpful in developing a roadmap to create a financially solvent future. The objective is to present  educational information  on a variety of issues participants  may want to consider when  planning for their  financial future. Topics will include:  Strategies for increasing wealth while preparing for retirement and the rising costs of a college, insurance concepts, asset protection as well as strategies to deal with the rising costs of health care and associated health risks.  The goal is to raise awareness on what it takes to live securely, and the importance of planning to achieve that goal. With a little knowledge, the task may be easier than you think.

Executive Benefits: Creating a Sensible Road map to Preserve Wealth.

Corporate executives are very busy. They are the decision makers and when professional duty calls, personal issues sometimes have to take a back seat to business priorities. Their own personal finances elude them because of their lack of time, lack of explanation or understanding, but most often because of the complexity of their benefit and compensation structures. Executives often have complicated investment portfolios that include stock or stock options granted by their employer. It is imperative that they have the sophistication to handle these issues , while working with tax and legal advisors to manage financial issues that arise from deferred compensation, Alternative Minimum Tax, capital gains, and bonuses. When personal financial matters arise, avoiding decisions can have serious consequences.

 Psychological  Metal Health and Stress Management Series:

Stress is a common occurrence for many of us, especially given the fast pace world of work and balancing home life. Learning helpful ways to modulate stress by centering the body-mind becomes increasingly more important. This program will teach employees how stress effects the body and what they can do to attenuate stress by learning self-regulatory techniques such as deep breathing, guided imagery, progressive  relaxation and more. Class is didactic and experiential.

Coping with Depression

Depression is a phenomenon experienced by many of us from time to time, as a result of unsettling things we all experience in life, such as the loss of a job, a death in the family, the empty nest syndrome, and a host of other difficult experiences each. Many difficulties are acute situations, and with time, we find the stamina to transcend them, especially if we have the support of friends and family and a foundation of other “resilient traits” we may have developed along the way.  However, when a sad moods become extended, this may impact  our ability to function in an optimal manner, while affecting the overall quality of our life. This seminar is designed to address depression and better understand when it is a “normal “a byproduct of common transitory challenges, or when it has evolved into a chronic state, disrupting our lives in complex  and detrimental ways.  Recognizing the symptoms of depression is the first step in   coping with its effects. Throughout this lecture participants will better understand this condition and take action steps in coping with it whether for one’s self, a family member or a friend.

High Anxiety: What does it all mean? 

Many of experience anxiety form time to time based on the many challenges we  endure with respect to our personal life circumstances.   Often time anxiety surfaces form “within ” due to the meaning we have assigned to our life situation.  The problem itself may not be so daunting, but rather , how we interpret it, causes us to suffer. The pre-eminent psychiatrist, Dr. David Amen has referred to this “thinking phenomena”  as “ANTS” or “Anxious Negative Thoughts” which take control over our ability to function in a healthy way to rise up to meet our personal challenges. This lecture is designed  to help us better interpret and redirect our thoughts in skillful ways to enable us to face what is part of our lives.

Positive Psychology and Stress Management

Staying productive and optimistic, especially in times of  stress, transition and change can be difficult for some. Our productivity and resilience can be affected by increasing stress during challenging times. Contrary to what many people believe, our level of happiness can be increased with simple everyday steps. In many ways adopting a new outlook will change the way we experience the challenges we face at work or at home, thus significantly reducing the amount of “stress “ we experience. During the talk, research will be shared on how, by increasing levels of optimism you can live happier, healthier, longer, and be more productive each day.  Participants will be introduced to 5 key elements of Positive Psychology and discuss how those elements can be integrated into everyday life. Cognitive behavioral techniques and positive psychology theories will be used to provide simple tools and action steps to increase the mind’s receptiveness to positive events in order to increase optimism while lowering stress a little more each day.

Tai Chi

Employees will learn about this ancient form of balancing the mind and body by engaging in gentle, flowing movements in a small space. They’ll learn about the body’s energy field and how, through movement and engagement with the environment, one can optimize well-being. Very good for stress management! 

Biofeedback and Stress Management

Learn how to self-regulate what we normally think of as automatic functions in the body, such as heart rate and respiration, while achieving the relaxation response when we enter a state of calm and centered attention. Participants will learn how a biofeedback computer is used to measure heart or respiration rate. They’ll offer feedback as the employee is guided into a state of relaxation by the stress specialist. Biofeedback allows an individual to gain control over anxiety while inducing a state of relaxation. Learning to quiet the body and mind using this technique can become a helpful skill in attenuating the damaging effects of stress.


Hypnosis has been practiced for  many years and is a safe and simple way to balance a person’s physical, emotional and mental states. Hypnosis has been used as an aid in treating pain, smoking, migraines, tension headaches, alcohol and drug abuse, and sleep deprivation.  The goal of this introductory and experiential class is to help employees understand, through hypnotic exercises, how hypnosis can cause positive shifts in behavior while enhancing well-being. Learn what to expect during a hypnotherapy session and about the power of post-hypnotic suggestion.

Improving Communication:

How well we communicate with one another determines the degree to which we experience positive, life-affirming, productive interactions with co-workers, or antithetically, destructive, resentful and unproductive relationships.  The goal of this workshop is to teach employees specific communication skills such as active listening, reflective response, and open, nonjudgmental dialogue.  Communication is conceptualized as a two-way street in which the feelings and ideas of both parties are understood, valued, and legitimized.  This has important implications when developing highly functioning work groups.

Anger Management

This class focuses on improving communication techniques that de-escalate situations where conflict is occurring. Employees will learn to identify angry or stressful feelings while learning how to become “observers” of themselves during stressful situations. Communication skills will be taught, such as storytelling and movement exercises.

Emotional Freedom Technique

This seminar is both didactic and experiential with the goal of  and providing participants with an understanding of the body’s Energy System and how our thoughts and emotions influence the flow of energy throughout the body. Strong emotions such as anxiety or anger can often have damaging effects on the body if not released skillfully.  The instructor will also introduce employees to the “Tapping Technique” by using volunteers:

Employees sit with a psychologist or social worker and present a problem or life concern. The specialist assists them in asking questions that better clarify the concern they are faced with and then applies a unique technique to “tap on” and open up the energy meridian points within the body. The result is a release in energy while opening up clearer thinking to resolve the problem. (Oftentimes, our inability to solve life’s challenges have more to do with resistance in our thinking, often “stored” within our bodies.) The concept of “the body speaks the mind” is evidenced in this approach as the employee discovers that the body is essentially the repository for many of our beliefs and encumbrances. Counter-intuitively, by working with the body we can often open up channels that release pathways to our cognitive knowing and problem-solving capabilities. Very insightful! The class than can break out into smaller groups to practice the techniques learned on each other. Employees go away with a very simple but highly useful way to modulate stress and tension in the body.


Other Mental Health Topics include:

Eating Disorders

Coping with Death

Coping with Divorce

“My Teenager Won’t Talk to Me”: How to negotiate the family transitions of adolescence gracefully.

“Wait! I have too much on my plate!”: The “Sandwich Generation” and ways to cope with an  aging parent while raising your family.

Time Management: Coping with multifactorial  demands at work, home and in your personal life.

How to deal with difficult People: Learning  communication skills of engagement vs deterrence.

“I’m OK You’re a Jerk”: Learning ho how to see things from another’s perspective while still holding true to your center. Conflict resolution 101: Creating a  “Win-Win” situation  so both parties can be heard, validated and problems are resolved whether at home , on the job, or in social settings.

Vegetarian Entrees

Low Glycemic Delicious desserts

Sumptuous summer or Harvest Salads

Holiday Cooking and more!!

Eating for Beauty

Different foods fuel different types of thoughts, different potentials for success and different destinies or destinations in life. What you are eating is leading you to a certain destination. Where are you headed with your current diet? The whole process of digestion is related to our appearance. This workshop will explain the elements of the beauty diet.

Slowing Down in the Fast Lane

Stress is hard to avoid while living in a fast paced world. Learning to manage it on a daily basis is key to living a balanced and harmonious life. Simple but effective techniques will be taught to help reduce daily stress that otherwise could cause fatigue, cravings and compromise your immune system. This workshop includes methods to reduce stress through nutrition, exercise and proper breathing.

Fitness and Lifestyle Management Classes

Salsa Aerobics

This is a fun and interactive selection where employees can participate in informal mini Salsa dance/type aerobics demo sessions throughout the class. They’ll learn the easy, smooth steps of salsa to great energizing music and will discover a fun way to enjoy exercise without knowing it as you dance the  afternoon away!!  Fun and super interactive.


This is a fun and interactive selection where employees can participate in informal mini Zumba dance/type aerobics demo sessions throughout the class. They’ll learn the easy, steps while grooving to great energizing music and will discover a fun way to enjoy exercise without knowing it as you dance the  afternoon away!!  Fun and super interactive.

Other Fitness Classes Available: Kick Boxing, Aerobics and more!


Nutritional Considerations for Promoting Better Health in Dental Hygiene

Intended to provide an awareness of the connection between nutrition and oral health, this class will provide an overview of natural foods, supplements, and holistic approaches and treatments related to dental hygiene.

“What is an Essential Oil?”

Join us to find out and explore what these oils are, where do they come from, how can my using them help me and my family stay healthy and feel better?  Learn how to take care of yourself easily with natural alternatives at home or on the go.  Come smell, feel, and taste to experience the oils first hand and leave smiling, knowing so much more.  We are doTerra Wellness Advocates and have trained to use these oils ourselves, in classes, and in seminars, just like you will, too.

“Essential Oils for Stress Relief”

Come join us for some practical help when dealing with life’s stressful situations and our reactions to them.  How can we help ourselves to take action by using essential oils?  We will feel, smell and taste doTerra essential oils (CPTG)* and discover how they might make us feel better and calmer.  You may happily leave knowing more about what essential oils can do for you at home or on the run.  We are doTerra Wellness Advocates and have trained to use these oils ourselves, in classes, and in seminars, just like you will, too.  *(CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)

   “Let’s Feel More Passion”

Want to find more healthy ways to feel passionate year round?  We are doTerra Wellness Advocates and we’ll come to share some of our essential oils to awaken your ever changing moods with just a few drops in the palm of your hand.  If a dozen roses can elicit a passionate response, our CPTG oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)  may encourage a profound inspiration, let’s give them a try!

Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine 

This seminar introduces employees to Naturopathic Medicine, a branch of medicine that focuses on holistic and integrative approaches to healing. NDs or NMDs who graduate from the seven accredited, elite naturopathic medical schools in North America are the acknowledged experts on wellness and prevention. This class is only taught by one of those graduates. Your speaker will discuss a myriad of issues related to food allergies, environmental toxins, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, stress, hormonal imbalances and other topics. Naturopathic Medicine is founded on the belief that the body, when in balance, has an innate ability to heal itself. Diet, exercise and proper nutrition help keep this homeostasis in place and can reverse disease.

Life Coaching Seminars

What Do You Want?

This workshop allows participants to…

  • Distinguish between wants and needs
  • Recognize where we are attempting to get our needs met inappropriately
  • Identify what we really want and begin to design the quickest route to it!

What Stories Shape Your Life?

We live and die by our beliefs, so its important to recognize that beliefs are ideas mistaken for facts.  What stories do you tell yourself and how are you living them out in your life? What would happen if you started to tell yourself a different story?

This workshop allows participants to..

  • Identify their ‘Personal Mythology’
  • Challenge long-held ideas and beliefs that are holding them back at work and at home
  • Write a Different Story…and begin to live into it to create happier, healthier and more fulfilling outcomes.

We All Get The Same Number of Hours in a Day

24, to be exact.  That goes for everybody, even the President.  Time is a form of currency;  are you spending your time the way you want and need to?

Participants in this workshop will…

  • Learn to identify and fulfill both time-sensitive and less time sensitive goals
  • Learn to assess and allot the appropriate amount of time to any given activity
  • Schedule ‘Satellite Time’ in order to transition and allow room for the unexpected.
  • Meet goals more easily, efficiently and effectively than ever before!


Feng Shui

Available only in New York City. Learn about the ancient way of aligning objects in space at home or in the office to best create your living environment. Addressed with be 1) creating a comfortable decorative space to appeal to your individual energy and personality, and 2) how to set up space to enhance your ability to deal with current life themes and issues. Very informative and fun.

Parenting 101

Issues covered in this important workshop are getting into boundaries, limit setting, communication skills and more. The program can expand to 4-week sessions.

New:  Clean out the clutter

Learn how to keep spaces clean, organizNEW: ed and neat. See how it can improve your outlook. Learn about resources to assist you at home and work.
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