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“Stay Fit for Life”: Healthy Heart Program


In the hope of protecting your employees and saving your company money, CHI announces its “Stay Fit For Life” Healthy Heart Program, a bottom line driven program in which we convert your highest risk employees (the ones who are submitting most of your insurance claims) into healthy, vibrant, productive workers. Management loves these programs because it costs pennies compared to the real dollars saved from lower insurance renewals and reduced absenteeism.

CHI Associates Inc. is pleased to present our



Corporate Health Promotion Program.

The American health care problem is quickly becoming a national tragedy. The cost for providing employee health care is rising at an average rate of 12-15% a year. For many companies, medical costs consume more than half of corporate profits. The good news is healthcare costs can be substantially reduced by the implementation of a worksite health promotion program. The potential savings is based on the realization that at least 75% of all illnesses are attributable to what epidemiologists call “preventable” or modifiable lifestyle –related causes. Research studies have shown that medical costs are directly correlated with life-style. Prevention through a well designed corporate health promotion program is the long term answer for stabilizing the health care costs within a company. In fact, the most successful health promotion programs have demonstrated at least 1:3 ratio of cost to health savings benefits. That is to say that for every $1 spent on health promotion per employee, employers were able to realize a $3 return on their investment (ROI) in the form of reduced health care costs, a reduction in employee absenteeism, and a general sense of improved morale and vitality at their work place.

CHI’s goal is to partner with our clients to assist them in developing a comprehensive wellness program that addresses the unique health related needs within their population. The overarching theme is to create a “Culture of Health Awareness” which not only encourages employee health, but is capable of sustaining that mission through organizational development and a group process that reinforces itself.

CHI’s Unique Approach: Target “High” as well as “Low” risk groups.. . Here’s Why:

CHI’s approach to developing a wellness program is unique in that unlike many other approaches which target high risk individuals for intervention, counter intuitively, our programs also include interventions for low risk groups. Studies have shown, that low risk individuals are susceptible to increasing their risks without proper attention to help them maintain their low risk status. The premise is that reducing the flow of low or medium risk individuals to high-risk results in a successful reduction of the total number of high risk individuals within a few years. Much of this insight was ascertained in the seminal research done by Dee W. Edington, PHD , director of the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center.


We recommendation the following Health Action Steps in your wellness program.

1.HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT (HRA)/Biometrics Program with Health Fair.

CHI can assist you in finding resources to provide a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment and Biometrics program.

A Health Risk Assessment , (HRA) is done to assess a baseline measurement of the overall employee population’s health related risks. This is a computerized assessment that not only provides employees with a confidential individual report concerning their health status, but also includes an employer aggregate report of the general health of their organization. To enhance the data set, a series of biometric measurements are recommended which can be done per employee including screenings for cholesterol/glucose , body fat, blood pressure, and more.  The report can be tailored to the needs of your organization. The HRA used is evidence based and incorporates questions designed to assess cardiovascular and lifestyle risks associated with heart disease, diabetes,  stress related concerns, obesity and more. The Employer Report will help us to develop a subsequent wellness program designed to address the risks uncovered within your employee group thus taking a “strategic approach” to designing a wellness program that makes sense for your unique population.

Employee Health Fair

Many Health Education and screenings are available beyond the Biometric screenings above to stimulate employee interest in their own health and well-being. Choose from a variety of options, many of which are FREE including but not limited to : Dental/Oral Hygiene, Podiatry, Ergonomics/Physical Stress Education, nutrition, Natural/Alternative Medicine, Fitness/Body Fat and more. Ask for a Health Fair Proposal.See Health Fairs Web Link)

2a.EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTIONS (Eight Weeks to Wellness) ( Health Education Lifestyle Change Series):

Once the HRA data has been analyzed, CHI will go over the complete aggregate report with management to develop health educational interventions to address the risks uncovered. We offer a structured educational program which can be customized to meet specific goals. The Eight Weeks to Wellness Program can be done on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis depending on the needs of your employees. We recommend the bi-monthly approach as wellness goals are cumulative and this expedites the time an employee can integrate a number of wellness concepts into an overall wellness lifestyle. Our goal is to present factual information on your employees while working in partnership with your organization to develop a wellness program that works best for your population. Based on the “hot buttons” we can develop a series of lunch and learn seminars covering specific topics including but not limited to:

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Becoming Physically Active ( NOTE: a CHI Pedometer program can be integrated into the program at a very low cost to build group cohesion and support. This is highly recommended.)
  • Nutrition (Choosing Healthy Fats)
  • Nutrition (Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates)
  • Achieving a Healthy Weight
  • Mind Body Connection
  • Stress Management
  • Preventing Diseases and Good Health Check ups

An integral part of the program involves assisting participants in setting “achievable” health goals that encourage a healthy lifestyle. With each session an additional healthy component is addressed which is integrated into the emerging lifestyle goal. Our health instructors will assist employees in setting those cumulative goals and health logs can be filled out on a weekly basis to assess over-all individual progress. The logs are essential for 2 reasons:

1.They help the employee and the instructor to make appropriate choices and decisions on how to help the employee in meeting their defined goals.

2. Health logs create a point of comparison for group members upon which incentives and rewards can be measured. The key to a helpful wellness program incorporates “healthy competition, incentives, and rewards “ for a job well done. Nothing inspires employees more than a spirit of conviviality matched by friendly and reinforcing competition.

Participants are encouraged to form Health “Buddies” within the group or with a close family member who can encourage them along the way.In addition, for an added FEE companies can select a Coaching Option defined below.


For an additional FEE a client may also include Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, which gives employees access by e-mail to one on one coaching with our health specialists. This is an ideal inclusion to your over-all wellness program as it helps individuals stay motivated in the health program by uncovering obstacles , but more importantly, identifying areas of individual strengths to assist them in making appropriate behavioral modifications and health choices to meet their expressed goals… ( It is important to understand that what makes CHIs approach to employee health different than most “cookie cutter” approaches is that we don’t “TELL EMPLOYEES WHAT TO DO” but rather elicit from them in a collaborative/educative process, what is most helpful to them in achieving a healthy outcome.) Coaching is available on an hourly basis giving companies the flexibility to add hours as they need depending on the employee utilization and need of the system. (See pricing for Hourly phone &

internet coaching )


Companies on a more restricted budget or who wish to customize their own approach to wellness are free to create a program that suits them by selecting seminars from our large listing of offerings below. This option works well for clients who do not wish to purchase the entire EIGHT WEEKS TO WELLNESS structures series but would rather select some topics from that curricula and blend in other topics below. For individual blurbs on each seminar of interest, contact CHI directly at 212/673-1700. Be sure to ask about which seminars are FREE as CHI is pleased to offer some “VALUE ADDED” talks to our clients. Additionally, Some blurbs can also be found on our web site at under the Preventative Medicine Programs “Lunch & Learn” section.

  • Eating for Energy
  • Stress and Good Nutrition
  • Sugar Addiction: What to do with Cravings
  • Neighborhood Lunch Tour
  • Diets Don’t Work/Sustainable Weight Management
  • Eating Disorders: How to spot them and prevent them
  • Healthy Cooking Class
  • Eating on the Go: One pot meals, healthy snacking, nutrient rich desserts
  • Understanding Good/Bad Carbohydrates and Fats
  • Stress Management 101 * Anger Management * Improving Communication
  • Meditation and/or Hypnosis
  • Understanding Depression
  • Dental Health and New Approaches for Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening
  • Repetitive Strain Injury: Prevention Ergonomics: Stay Fit While You Sit
  • Preventing Back Pain
  • Preventing Carpal Tunnel
  • Healthy Heart: Understanding the risks and Prevention
  • Diabetes: Understanding the Risks and Prevention (Include Weight Management/Obesity Prevention Tips
  • Health Checkups/Immunizations: What does the Surgeon General recommend and Why
  • Getting Fit: Starting and Maintaining the exercise program that’s right for you
  • Self Defense
  • Feng Shui


  • Pedometer program. (Ask about our 10,000 steps program and how to implement it in your company.)
  • De-Stress Massage Mini Modular Program
  • On-Site Chair Massage
  • Monthly National Health Observances Program


In an effort to evaluate the efficacy of the wellness interventions implemented, it is highly recommended to include the Post Program Review which includes a 6 month or 1 year post evaluation of all biometric measures. The ideal approach is to include this in a subsequent health fair at the 6 month mark. So that a learning effect can be gauged…. Amendments can be made and new coaching strategies can be implemented to achieve the end result.



Lower Cost Option

For companies that wish to start a program on a smaller scale basis we invite you to participate in our Healthy Heart pilot program. The advantages of this program are that it gives companies an opportunity to “test out” the effectiveness of our wellness program on a smaller population, while gauging employee interest. The cost is considerably less and a company can gain the satisfaction of implementing a voluntary program that will benefit employees, perhaps most in need. Most companies promote the program during an ALL Staff Health Fair when employees can sign up 1 month in advance.

Program Duration: 4 months: (Start Time: 2-4 weeks after the General Health Fair where it has been promoted.)

Program includes:

Month 1 Session 1: 2.5 Hour Program Launch: Lunch & Learn Seminar on CARDIOVASCULAR RISK MANAGEMENT & Healthy Lifestyles. Healthy coaching with individual one -on – one  wellness goal setting will be done. This will include education on employee healthy goal setting and education on LOG keeping to track progress throughout the event. Incentives for success will be discussed based on what the company has predetermined to be the “AWARD” for completing the program and meeting expressed wellness goals. Selection of Group Captain.


Month 2: At some point during the second month employees and the Group Captain meet over lunch to discuss individual group members challenges , successes and insights on how to help each other succeed in achieving their goals. The wellness instructor is available for e-mail coaching and to respond to individual concerns.


Month 3 Session2 : 1.5 hr. Lunch & Learn Seminar on NUTRITION “Boot Camp”:Healthy Food Choices: GOOD CARBS & FATS vs. BAD, as well as insights on “JUNK FOOD Alternatives “ when eating on the go. Reassessment of Goals.

  • Roll out of PEDOMETER Program


Month 4 Session 3 : 2hrs. Post Program review, Log Evaluations, Program/Instructor Evaluations. Presentation of AWARDS.


Program Implementation & Incentives

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