Pilot Program


Lower Cost Option

For companies that wish to start a program on a smaller scale basis we invite you to participate in our Healthy Heart pilot program. The advantages of this program are that it gives companies an opportunity to “test out” the effectiveness of our wellness program on a smaller population, while gauging employee interest. The cost is considerably less and a company can gain the satisfaction of implementing a voluntary program that will benefit employees, perhaps most in need. Most companies promote the program during an ALL Staff Health Fair when employees can sign up 1 month in advance.

Program Duration: 4 months: (Start Time: 2-4 weeks after the General Health Fair where it has been promoted.)

Program includes:

Month 1 Session 1: 2.5 Hour Program Launch: Lunch & Learn Seminar on CARDIOVASULAR RISK MANAGEMENT &Healthy Lifestyles. Healthy coaching with individual one -on – one wellness goal setting will be done. This will include education on log keeping. Employee Healthy goal setting and education on LOG keeping to track progress throughout the event. Incentives for success will be discussed based on what.the company has predetermined to be the “AWARD” for completing the program and meeting expressed wellness goals. Selection of Group Captain.


Month 2: At some point during the second month employees and the Group Captain meet over lunch to discuss individual group members challenges , successes and insights on how to help each other succeed in achieving their goals. The wellness instructor is available for e-mail coaching and to respond to individual concerns.


Month 3 Session2 : 1.5 hr. Lunch & Learn Seminar on NUTRITION “Boot Camp”:Healthy Food Choices: GOOD CARBS & FATS vs. BAD, as well as insights on “JUNK FOOD Alternatives “ when eating on the go. Reassessment of Goals.

  • Roll out of PEDOMETER Program


Month 4 Session 3 : 2hrs. Post Program review, Log Evaluations, Program/Instructor Evaluations. Presentation of AWARDS.


Program Implementation & Incentives


There are a number of ways to start a wellness program but the most important consideration is that you have employees interest and management’s support to implement a program. Management is most impressed when there is high participation in the program selected. To that end CHI can assist your company in developing appropriate incentives to get employees involved, some of which are no cost or low cost options. A few suggestions may include:

  • FREE Gym Passes
  • Metro cards
  • Discount Entertainment or Dinner-Out coupons
  • Health Gifts/Prizes/T-Shirts
  • Employee Tuition Cost Refunds: Incentives should be tied to program compliance and achievement of stated goals. Many companies also ask that employees contribute to the cost of the program either in its entirety or on a partial basis while providing a refund of money to participants who both complete the program and achieve previously determined healthy goals. This is an effective and excellent way to insure employee accountability and participation. (Options for this incentive are listed in the pricing section of this proposal.)


For more information on developing a wellness program for your company contact

NANCY THORNE at 212/673-1700 (Stay Fit For Life Program)